discuss and discover everything about Open Source Software in the new API economy.

Open APIs are the new force in online commerce. So how do developers ride this next wave of the web? What are the latest open source tools, how are the standards and best practices evolving, and what are existing OSS projects doing in the space?

From App builders and frontend API consumers, to those REST enabling backend applications; from enthusiasts and independents, to enterprise executives and strategists; InterFace is the Meetup for anyone looking to stay ahead.

InterFace aims to become the go-to, independent event for developers and IT strategists looking at how open source software can be incorporated into their API strategy. And with an experienced team of community building experts and media savvy open source marketers, we are pretty sure we will get there!

Even in a world of online collaboration and remote development, the power and potential of physical meetups always delivers far greater, unexpected results. Right now, are there many more explosive cocktails than open APIs, open standards and open source software? Well, InterFace is where the touchpaper get lit.

We plan to develop InterFace as a grassroots event where future events and future direction get dictated by the attendees starting with Amsterdam (Oct 23).


The Second InterFace meeting will be in Old School Amsterdam

The venue  serves as a creative hotspot called old school. A place where hospitality, arts and culture, combined with creative businesses, guarantee a pleasant synergy.

A lightning showcase for…

  • The latest open source tools for builders and consumers of APIs
  • What established open source projects are offering through their APIs
  • New open standards at the heart of the API economy

Diverse grassroots forum…

  • App builders and Frontend Devs, to backend API developers
  • Enthusiasts and independents, to enterprise CTOs

Join one, or start your own…

  • Demo workshops
  • BarCamp-style breakout discussions
  • Revolution baby!!


October 23

Old School

Open APIs

InterFace Amsterdam

The second edition will take place on Friday October 23 in Old School, Amsterdam from 1pm until 6pm.



1pm to 2pm – socialising
2pm to 2:30pm – TYPO3 Content Management System (typo3.org) – Benni Mack (TYPO3 core team leader)
2:30pm to 3pm – Neos Content Application Framework (neos.io) – Rens Admiraal (Core Developer Neos)
3pm to 3:45pm – Tea & coffee break
3:45pm to 4:15pm – Jessica Rose on the DreamFactory Services Platform
4:15pm to 6pm – Some Break Outs, Discussion, Good Times

Amsterdam Open Source and API Meetup Group